Deborah Petrille

Hi, I'm Deborah 
(559) 999-2717 

Pain Deactivation and Structural Realignment is what I do!

Your session begins with communication of the area(s) you would like to focus on.

With a firm touch my hands will observe the tension patterns in your back and neck. Then combining the massage modalities of concentrated deep tissue, long deep strokes and the light touch of Cranio-Sacral I will find where you feel your pain and then find where the pain began in your body.

My touch is grounding and relaxing. At any point in your session please feel free to ask me to adjust the depth of pressure to your satisfaction.

Using expert draping skills during your session, I will stretch and move your body to gain greater access to the deeper smaller muscles where pain hides.

Also, during your session, I may show you some stretches and postural adjustments you can make in the day to day movement of your body so that you can maintain the looseness and comfort you will have after your session.

If you want to experience a deeper more concentrated focus on your body and how you can make changes in your lifestyle, please schedule a Free assessment session and I will make a recommendation of the type of body work and the average number of sessions you will need to accomplish your goal of physical comfort and balance.

I look forward to working with you. :-)


Rates and Services


  • 1 Hour Massage $80
  • 1 and a Half Hour Massage $120
  • 2 Hour Massage $150